FFORT (the Fault tree FOResT, formerly the Twente Arberretum) is a collection of fault trees, collected from scientific literature.

Our main purpose is to provide a benchmark suite, so that researchers on fault tree analysis can use a large and diverse number of fault trees to test and validate their methods and tools. Each fault tree is given in an extended Galileo format (described here), and results for earlier analyses are provided, if available.

Clicking on the fault tree's name, will provide additional information, including the paper where the model first appeared, and a graphical representation.

Statistics about the fault trees collected in FFORT can be found here.

All trees (including metadata) are available in our git repository. To obtain this repository, enter git clone https://dftbenchmarks.utwente.nl/public/ffort.git

To submit a new model, please go here to provide the FT in Galileo format, and its associated metadata, and send it to the maintainers.


 of type: 

With at least one of these gate types:

With at least one of these result types:

With this many basic elements: ≤ |BE| ≤

With this many gates: ≤ |Gates| ≤

  and added to FFORT

Model Results

For questions about FFORT, contact . For questions about specific models, please contact the author(s) of the relevant paper.